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Information about the band

In 2005 four young pupils formed the band called "Empty Trash". After successfully participating in several newcomer competitions, one could see what kind of potential lies in this young band.

Currently, the four members of Empty Trash are:     Max Söhnke.Buskohl (Vocals + Guitar), Joern Schwarzburger (Drums), Julius Caspar Murke (Bass) andd Philipp Stüber (Guitar / Leadguitar)

After Max alias Charlie Crawford had participated in the casting show "DSDS" due to a bet, the band "Empty Trash" gained a lot of popularity just after a short time and is now trying to reach the absoulte musical breakthrough. The boys are supported by their parents, mainly by Max' father (Carl Carlton) who comes from the music business.

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Empty Trash concluded a record contract in august 2007 with Emimusic

Album 2007
Album / Compact Disc
Release-Date: 30.11.2007
Information: www.emimusic.de/empty_trash

The first Empty Trash Album will called "Confession", you could get it on 23.11.2007.


1. Ring The Alarm
2. Garden Of Growing Hearts
3. Confession
4. Dirty Habits
5. Limited
6. Last Man In The Bar
7. Romance
8. I.M.B.T.I.W.R.T.P.
9. LA Queen
10. Tell My Story
11. Life's A Tune
12. I Need

The first Single "Limited" you could get on 09.11.2007 as 2-Track and Maxi.

On the maxi CD you could find the Songs "Limited" (Radio Edit) and "Tell My Story" also a Enhanced Part, with a exclusive Video from "Limited", a Making Of and a Foto-Gallery.

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On Tour

here are the current tourdates:

Datum, Zeit / Date, Time PLZ, Ort / City Location
Fr / Fri 08.05.09 - 20:30 (doors open) 61184 Karben Kulturscheune - Flyer
Sa / Sat 09.05.09 - 20:00 (doors open) 23556 Lübeck Cafe Riders

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This site only gives information about important news / dates! More background information etc. one can find on the official website of the band or one of the numerous fanpages!

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